Young Life Capernaum Club

Young Life leaders have the privilege of knowing and sharing their lives with teenagers and young adults with disabilities. While all Young Life activities are open to every high school student, many Young Life areas have dedicated programs for students and young adults with disabilities, typically referred to as Young Life Capernaum.

Young Life Burnaby/New Westminster would love to open up a club program like this for local disabled youth and young adults in our home area!

In order to achieve this goal, Capernaum needs your support. You can help assist young people with disabilities in a variety of ways: develop meaningful relationships by serving as a volunteer leader; spend time with them by going to club and camp; offer to drive Capernaum youth to and from activities; help raise disability awareness within your community and church. Capernaum also needs the support of those willing to give financially, as well as those who want to serve on their area’s Young Life committee and represent the interests of Capernaum in their community.

The rewards of reaching out to young people with disabilities are tremendous. By serving, you will experience the joy of helping them grow and experience life to the fullest. You can make the difference in a young person’s life.

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