Fundraising & Camp

If you are attending any Young Life event, we need you to have filled out our Covid safety form. You can access this form HERE. This form can be printed out and provided as a paper copy, or filled out online and emailed to our team.

RockRidge Canyon is Young Life Canada’s very own camp! It was built for Canadian teens to have the best week of their lives. We go to camp as a ‘Club’, meaning kids from the same town and school who have been meeting regularly at Club head to camp with their local Young Life leaders. The best part is that after an amazing week together, we get to go home together and continue the fun and the friendships.

You can sign up, or sign your child up for an upcoming camp HERE!

We have some continuing fundraising events you may be interested in:

Envelope Fundraiser
We have a fun and productive fundraising opportunity for anyone signed up to go to RockRidge Camps. Bring the fundraiser sheet and an envelope for collecting around to your friends, family, teachers, neighbours, and anyone else you think might be interested in donating towards your camp fund! Each student will perform tasks and activities of the donor’s choice for a donation between $1-$25. Once they’ve completed one task for each dollar amount, they’ll have raised $325.

View and print the PDF here. 

Scholarship Fund
We are currently working on developing a scholarship plan for Young Life camps. The reason for this is that as we continue to move our work into new areas, we will be interacting with more and more kids who may not necessarily have the financial means to be able to attend RockRidge at the standard price. These kids will generally be involved in fundraisers leading up to camp but on top of this we offer scholarship to kids who have a specific or more extreme financial need. If you are interested in supporting a student through a scholarship, you can “buy a seat on the bus.” This one time donation of $65 or more can substantially reduce the cost of attending camp for a kid in need.

Click here to donate.

Keep an eye on this page for information about fundraising opportunities as they come up!