Jamie Paterson – Area Director

I have been a leader for the past 4 years. I love playing sports and hanging out with all the guys. One of my highlights every year is when we go to Rockridge Canyon for New Years Camp. I am married with a new baby daughter, and we live in New Westminster. One fun fact: I scored a hole in one during the first round of golf I ever played. Ever since then I am famous for being absolutely terrible so it didn’t last long!

Yoona Kim – Staff Associate

As the newest addition to Young Life Burnaby and New West, I hope to build a community of leaders and high school students in Burnaby to share fun memories and the joy of knowing who God is. Before going to a seminary, I studied Fashion Design, and the love for colours and textiles led me to the world of natural dyeing. I still admire crafts of all sorts and enjoy stories in books, movies, and other people’s lives.

Jenni Slinn – Area Administrator

Having been a student in Young Life in New West since 9th grade and seeing the impact it had, I was honoured to have the opportunity to join the team a few years ago in a way that fits my skillset. After high school I studied digital photography, and I love the experience of art and creating memories through photos. In my free time I enjoy trying out new recipes, playing games with friends, and being out in nature with my dog Nemo.